Maintenance & Repair

Over our years of experience in the line of jewelry business, the most common alterations we receive is to change the size of the ring. We all agree that it's gold and diamonds, it needs pampering and some regular maintenance. By maintenance, it could be occasional cleaning, occasional polishing, stone repairs, ring/bangle resizing, uncertain alterations or any other unique case scenario where the customer might be hesitant to talk to the jeweler regarding the problem they might be having with their jewelry. 


We give LIFETIME BENEFIT on repairs and maintenance on all our jewelry. Which means you can come have any repair and maintenance done on our jewelry and won't have to pay a single rupee for that. Since we take care strictly regarding the quality of the product in the initial stages only, chances of any mishap are really really rare. Yet there are times when due to rough use or some accidental case, the jewelry directly needs repair and maintenance. Our commitment in all intangible ethical terms does not allow us to charge unethically for small repairs and maintenance, hence we provide it free of cost to our valuable clientele.